Tips for cutting hidden calories: all about the drinks!

Want to lose some weight the “easy way”? Well, I hate to tell you this, but there really aren’t any easy ways out to loosing weight. However, there are some changes you can make to your daily life that will seem easier than others. Like cutting out most, if not all, liquid sugars/calories.

Most people get way more calories than they realize everyday from what they drink. Cutting out soda, sugar-loaded coffee, and alcohol on a regular basis can save you hundreds of calories a day, which can be THOUSANDS a week!

If you are trying to loose weight, and feel like you aren’t making any progress but you know you have been restricting your food intake, liquid calories may be to blame. It seems obvious enough, but there are many “sneaky” ways that extra sugar and fat get added into your drinks, even in some of those “healthy” options! There are many calorie free (or mostly calorie free) ways to enjoy your favorite drinks, and I have a few tips to help you on your fitness journey.

#1 Coffee.

The easiest way to enjoy coffee guilt-free is to learn to like it black. I know, it’s obvious, but come on, a triple mocha frappe isn’t coffee, it’s a coffee flavored milk shake! If you absolutely can’t stand the thought of drinking it black, opt for simple additives, like real milk or a bit of honey. Start by measuring out what you actually use in your coffee, and then adjust from there. If you can reduce the amount of flavored creamer you need in your coffee by even 1 tablespoon per cup, you’ll save hundreds of calories a week!

Also, for those of you on the Bullet Proof coffee trend, just watch your intake, ok? Adding grass fed butter to your coffee might be healthier than the non dairy flavored creamer stuff, but if you are trying to lose weight, just make sure you measure how much butter you use. It’s amazing how 2 tablespoons can slowly turn into a 1/4 cup after a few weeks!

#2 Soda.

Yeah, soda is bad for you. It’s carbonated water laced with high fructose corn syrup and food coloring. Soda has practically NO nutritional value. Just grow up and kick the habit! A great alternative to soda, for those of us that still need the bubbles in our life, is sparkling water. Sparkling water is a great way to stay hydrated, feel full, and NOT blow your daily calorie intake. Careful with this though, as some sparkling water brands are still loaded with sugar! Read the ingredients, and opt for ones that just have natural flavors added, like La Croix.

#3 Alcohol.

Yes, alcohol has a lot of calories. No, I’m not saying you can never drink again. In moderation, alcohol has actually been shown to be fairly good for you! But that’s the key; moderation. A glass of wine a night is not moderation, nor is not drinking all week and then going crazy on the weekends! Enjoy the glass of wine, beer, or spirit, but maybe save them for special occasions. And if you do indulge, avoid the extra sugary “special” drinks. Not only are they more expensive, but the calories really add up after, say, 2-3 margaritas.

#4 Juice.

A lot of fruit juice on the market today has more sugar than soda! Not only is fruit naturally sweet, but companies tend to add sugar to it. Plus, when you take away everything from the fruit besides the juice, you are missing out on all of the fiber (and most of the nutrients) from the fruit. This same principal apply to veggie juice as well. Try adding a few pieces of your favorite fruit to some water and let it steep for awhile. Or buy a juicer and make it at home so you know EXACTLY what is in it. Be vigilant, and read the ingredients! If added sugar is in the list, avoid it.

There you have it! If weight loss, or just trying to cut sugar, is your goal, pay attention to what you drink and not only what you eat. Always read the ingredients on a new drink you want to try, especially with new “healthy” options showing up every day! As always, if you have any questions about diet, exercise, or any aspect of fitness, please contact me. Whether you just want to feel better, look good naked, or get stronger; I can help! Thanks, and DFQ!