How to Not Suck at Life # 4

Don’t want to suck at life? Of course you don’t.  Have you ever thought about what makes successful people, well, successful? You are not alone! Numerous studies have been done into the lives of successful people, with many books written about it. Read enough of them and you’ll come back with a lot of the same information, which is awesome because that means there are actual things that contribute to being successful and you and I can practice them! I’m going to focus on 3 key pillars of success. Master these, and you WILL be successful.

#1 Attitude.

Believe in yourself. I know, we’ve all heard that feel good “be true to you” crap before. If you believe it you can achieve it. Stuff like that. Well, guess what? It’s true (mostly). There are 3 important things you need to master if you want to be successful, and out of those 3, attitude makes up 70% of the battle. You need to master your attitude. You can think yourself into, or out of, success. Have you ever had a goal to reach at work, and before the first day had even passed you start thinking, “wow, that goal is big…we can’t do it.”? Well, you’ve already lost! Successful people are not afraid to set big, impossible goals, and go down swinging. The most important thing you can do in your life is not let your circumstances dictate your attitude! Some people are born rich, others not so much. Sure, the well-to-do person will have an advantage at the beginning of life, but what will contribute to life long success is NOT where you start, it’s HOW YOU THINK. Successful people think differently. Everyday they wake up and think that they can take on the world. They don’t limit themselves by comparing their start to someone else’s middle or end. They hate failing, as we all do, but they are NOT going to give up before they try. Your attitude might be the only thing in your life that you can truly control. There is no one else to blame, no excuse you can make, that puts your attitude out of your control. You are responsible for it, and if you want to not suck at life, you will learn to think positively about yourself!

#2 Tasks.

If you want to succeed you need to know what you are doing (tasks). Tasks are going to be different based on what your goals are, but the fact remains that you can’t be successful unless you know what you are supposed to be doing. Tasks should be measurable and track-able. Always. Consider the salesman. If you need to sell 2 cars a day to make your goal, then you need to get in touch with people who will buy. Whether that means calling, emailing, walking door to door, or whatever, is irrelevant. The fact is that you need to be able to look at your goal, and set up measurable tasks that you need to do everyday in order to hit that goal.  Need two sales? Figure out how many people you need to talk to on average in order to make a sale, then figure out how many tries it takes to actually get in contact with people. Two sales needed; one sale happens every ten conversations; one conversation happens every ten phone calls; so you need to make two hundred calls in a day. Figure out what your goal is, and then work backwards to find out what you need to do to make that happen.

#3 Technique.

You also need to be able to do those tasks well (technique).  Always be learning! Once you know what your tasks are, find the person who has the most success doing those things and learn from them! Look at an elite athlete who is trying to run a mile in 4 minutes. It is going to be incredibly important for him to know exactly what to do in order to hit that goal. Sure, he could just run everyday (the task) but he would be better off getting a professional trainer and having a program designed specifically for this goal. It doesn’t matter what you need to do, There is someone out there who has been successful doing it. Find them, buy their book, listen to their podcast, or go to a live event. Being able to better yourself and your technique will be very important. Investing in yourself is usually a great idea, especially when it comes to education. Don’t be a cheapskate. Sometimes you have to spend a bit in order to learn from the best. One thing to remember though, is that no matter how good you are at doing something, technique is still 3rd on the list. It is important, but you will have a hard time being successful if you focus on perfecting a technique without keeping your attitude in check.

Now, I’m not saying that understanding what you do, and learning to do it well, are not important. They are. But your attitude while you strive to master the details is the most important. Have a bad day? Shake it off. Never compare your start to someone else’s middle or end. Always strive to be better today than you were yesterday. Think that you can achieve the craziest goal in the world, and you will subconsciously make decisions that will lead you towards that goal. Never give up on yourself, but don’t be afraid to change tactics either. Think like a champion. Now, get out there with the can-do attitude of a successful person, and you won’t suck at life, I promise.