How to Not Suck at Life #6 Embrace the suck

Embrace the Suck.

One of my favorite sayings ever (I have a patch that says this on my knit cap I wear 3/4 of the year . yeah, it’s a great conversation starter haha) that is not only funny, but also quite a great way to stay positive when life gets rough. If you don’t want to suck at life, you’ll need to embrace the suck.

Embracing the suck is all about learning to roll with the punches. It’s no easy feat, especially when life seems to have a habit of surprising you with a flurry of gut punches out of nowhere…right after getting kicked in the crotch. But, as someone who does not want to suck at life, you need to learn to roll with it. Yeah, life will be hard and there are gonna be days that just suck. It’s ok to have bad days, but don’t let them ruin your life. “Embrace the Suck” has really helped me with this. You see, when you learn to embrace the suck, you can laugh when something goes wrong. Sure, you might be upset for a second, but it’ll pass. You’ve made 100 phone calls today, and that last one was the 50th person who swore at you and said to not call ever again. It sucks. but if you want to make that money, sell that whatever, you gotta pick up the phone and call the next 100. The point is this: you can’t change what happened, but you CAN control or change how you respond to it. Embracing the Suck is all about laughing in the face of adversity, smiling when doing a grueling workout, or making jokes when you are forced to do something you hate doing (like free landscaping for your parents..*cough cough* Dad…*cough cough*) for hours on end on a Saturday.

It’s not easy to learn, but it is a great skill to have. One of the best ways to practice is to keep the bigger picture in mind. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know how I feel about setting and having goals. Big goals. When you always have your goals in mind, the little things that suck don’t tend to matter as much. Carrying 100 pounds on your back and doing lunges down a football field on a hot day sucks, but keeping your fitness goals in mind the whole time will certainly help you smile through the sweat (and tears) even though you want to quit. Not going out to eat every week with your friends, or something like having hold off on those new shoes for a bit longer can suck too, but having your financial goals in mind makes it easier. That car won’t pay itself off, nor will that credit card debt. You need to make sacrifices in order to meet your goals and get where you want to be. And guess what? Sacrifices suck, at least at the moment you make them. But the pay-off of actually accomplishing the things you set out to do is so incredible, all those “sacrifices” won’t even be remembered! Keep the big picture in mind and “embrace the suck” of the short term sacrifices.

Another good way to learn to embrace the suck is to surround yourself with people who also don’t want to suck at life. Obvious, I know, but very important! They’ll help you smile through the suck-y things life throws at you, or at least be there for you…maybe with a beer in hand too. Surround yourself with people who don’t get stuck up on the little things. Surround yourself with warriors. Warriors see everything as a challenge, while “normal” people see everything as a blessing or a curse. Challenges can be used for growth. Blessings and curses are just luck of the draw. Learn to see everything as a challenge, and embracing the suck will be that much easier.

So,  the next time life sucks, take a breath. Think about the bigger picture, your goals, your dreams, smile, and Embrace the Suck! Nothing lasts forever, especially the challenges of life, so grab some friends and crush those challenges like the warriors you are.