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About Me

Hey there! I’m Joey Halek, a NASM certified personal trainer with a specialization in Fitness Nutrition.

Here is a little bit of my story. I was born in southern Michigan, but moved to the northern part of the state when I was a wee lad of 9. I grew up with 2 brothers, one older, one younger, (yeah, i’m the middle child. That’s why I’m so awesome) and we grew up playing outside in the woods, building crazy tree forts, and shooting each other with air-soft guns. I was home schooled all the way through high school and enjoyed every second of it. I am a huge nerd and would not be where I am today without the many influences of video games, fantasy novels, and anime. After years of playing the hero in games, and watching the protagonist kick butt in my favorite shows, I decided it was time to for me to live the life instead of just think about it. I quickly realized that no amount of training would let me shoot fireballs out of my fist, but that didn’t stop me from trying! I still remember the first run I ever went on. I put on the 25th anniversary orchestra soundtrack of the Legend of Zelda, and took off. Almost two hours later, I returned home. My mom had almost called the police because she thought I died. We jumped in the car and clocked the run. 9.5 miles. Not bad for a kid who never ran before! It’s been a crazy ride, but my love for pushing myself has never dwindled. Since then I have tried many forms of exercise, classic lifting, running, kickboxing, martial arts, paddle boarding, etc. I love it all. My love for exercise and pushing myself is what led me to a career in personal training. Nothing is more rewarding than helping someone else achieve their best self and improve their life! I love meeting new people and helping them become more confident, healthy, and strong. I am very active with my church community as well, and would not be where I am today without their love and support. I currently help lead a small group for our High School ministry on Wednesday nights. When I’m not working, or working out, I enjoy reading, watching anime, playing board/video games (and not monopoly. Real games, like Dead of Winter, and Settlers of Catan) or doing anything outside. I believe we can all do amazing things if we don’t give up, which is why one of my mottoes is DFQ (don’t f*** quit). Life is short, so get after it!