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How to Not Suck at Life #3

Hey all! Happy March! Spring is in the air! It’s finally not pitch black on my morning runs! Life is good 🙂 Let’s get right into it. Want to not suck at life? Be generous. Don’t be the stingy douche that nickles and dimes his way through life. Nobody likes […]

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How to Not Suck at Life #2

Want to not suck at life? Learn to freaking cook! Learning to cook is easier than ever. Every recipe in the world is available at your finger tips. When I first started cooking, I had to use an actual book! And if I was missing an ingredient I couldn’t just […]

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How to not suck at life #1

It’s time! I’ve been playing around with ideas for awhile now and just need to get started! I’ve been thinking about writing a book, doing a podcast, making YouTube videos, and doing a blog. Today I’m gonna get after it and get the blog going! I’m very excited by this […]

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